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?uestlove / Rolling Stone interview

From Rolling Stone's Smoking Section:

It's always a learning experience to chat with the Roots bad-ass drummer ?uestlove. Last night we chatted with him about the Grammys -- where he, by extension, won two Grammys for his production work on Al Green's 2008 disc, Lay It Down -- and ?uesto also gave us the scoop on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which hits NBC on March 2nd. As you probably know, the Roots will be the house band, and ?uestlove will follow in the footsteps of Paul Shaffer and Max Weinberg, as a bandleader and comedic foil. Here ya go:

• The Roots will not be retiring from the road!: "We didn't tell anybody we were retiring! I never want to pull some Eagles/Kiss shit where it's like, 'Okay, this is the last time you'll see us.' "They'll allow us ten weeks of touring time every year. We'll start with five shows each week night, but I'm certain that Jimmy will want to do it Letterman-style, taping two shows one night so we can get Fridays off. That's an extra 52 days so I'm sure we'll fill those up with shows." Roots are also planning to host a regular late-night residency at New York's Highline Ballroom, beginning March 5th. (more at

Tickets for the 1st Roots residency night March 5th available here