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The Brand New Heavies & Daniel Johnston

Vernon Reid interview / Time Out NY

Think you’re culturally literate and stylistically diverse? Try keeping up with Vernon Reid, longtime lead guitarist for resurgent hard-rock combo Living Colour and a founder of New York’s influential Black Rock Coalition. Phoning in from a hotel room in São Paolo, Brazil, where he has two notebook computers whirring away on the desk, Reid references Ridley Scott and Blade Runner, William Gibson and Neuromancer, the Star Wars planet-city Coruscant and noirish sci-fi cult flick Dark City inside of five minutes, just to convey his impressions of a gray morning in that sprawling city. Reid’s in Brazil as part of an ongoing tour in support of The Chair in the Doorway, Living Colour’s fifth and latest studio album, released on Megaforce this month. The band’s first effort since its 2001 reunion effort, Collideøscope, is subtle, bluesy, futuristic and funky. In other words, it’s a Living Colour record—though certainly a more mature, introspective sibling for the band’s brash 1988 debut, Vivid. (more at

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Talking With Meshell Ndegeocello / Village Voice

The Voice interviews Meshell:

You aurally illustrate your experiences with some interesting tempos, tones, and textures. "Slaughter" shows your extraordinary love for Sade, and tracks like "Tie One On" and "Lola" highlight a wide array of influences, from pop to rap.

The RZA is one of the greatest songwriters and programmers. I'm really into the Human League, and Trevor Horn is a genius in the way he constructs recordings. Sade is that $200 bottle of wine: You're not going to have that every night at dinner. She's a great song stylist; her writing and her voice are amazing. The older Yes records had these beautiful tapestries and guitars. That's what I tried to achieve in this particular recording: some sonic tapestries that people, even if they're not listening to the lyrics, could just feel or hear, or just have a deep, inner dialogue with

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tickets for her show Oct 6th available here.

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