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Kasey Chambers / NY Times review

“This is kind of what it’s like at home for us,” Kasey Chambers said at the Highline Ballroom on Tuesday night. She was onstage with her husband, Shane Nicholson, and her father, Bill Chambers, all of them seated with stringed instruments. The air of casual intimacy threw some weight behind her claim, even if home was a rather distant proposition. Ms. Chambers, who hails from Australia, had designs on a warm familiarity. (continue at

Dave Stewart

Monday, September 8, 2008


Tidawt (playing the Highline Ballroom Sept 22 along with a screening of the film Amanei, Touareg Entre Dunes et Montagnes) is a compelling Tuareg guitar band from Niger in West Africa led by Hasso Akotey. Akotey and his bandmates came together as they fought in the 90s Tuareg rebellion in Niger. The New York unit of TIdawt is a stripped-down version of the band, just guitars and percussion, but very similar in style and intensity to, for example, Tinariwen, the Tuareg band that has toured extensively in the US. Tidawt recently finished recording a new cd Amawal (Tantrum Records) in California, to be released soon

Listen to their broadcast on WFMU here

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anthony Green of Circa Survive interview / Aquarian

Anthony Green is perhaps best known as the charismatic singer of Circa Survive, but the musician’s name holds up well on its own. During some time off from Circa Survive, Green holed up and created his first solo album, Avalon, which collects songs from the past few years and offers them to the world in a cohesive, conceptualized package. Green discusses the making of the album and the future plans for Circa.

What motivated you to do a solo record?
We had time off and these songs were burning a hole in my pocket. I almost felt like I couldn’t write properly without getting rid of them. I had to digest and shit them out before I was able to actually consume any more songs. I just felt like I had to get them out of my system and this was the perfect time to do it. I’ve kinda been putting it off for the last couple years because I had other stuff I had to focus on so timing-wise it was perfect.
Anthony Green tickets are available here

Saadiq review in NY Times...

An R&B fanatic with a glitch-prone time machine would have felt right at home in the Highline Ballroom on Wednesday night. For the rest of the crowd it was a game of capricious adjustment as Raphael Saadiq, a retro-soul specialist, and Janelle MonĂ¡e, a cyber-soul fabulist, offered multiple visions of the music’s past and future. Both artists were openly obsessive in their pursuits, and both managed to bring the room with them. (continue at