Wednesday, May 9, 2007

another Lou review...

New York Magazine review:

No "Sweet Jane" or "Walk on the Wild Side," but the crowd ate up Reed's epic spoken pieces, plus enjoyable oddities like "Who Am I" from his Edgar Allan Poe album, The Raven. And then there was that Andy Warhol diary recitation (sample: "Lou Reed got married and didn't invite me. I don't get it. Why doesn't he call me? I hate Lou, I really do"). After a satisfying rendition of "Baton Rouge," Reed brought out the real surprise of the evening: no, not David Bowie (he didn't show). Instead, the crowd got a truly awesome guest appearance by John Zorn, defunct Tonic's honorary godfather. As Zorn wailed away on his sax, with even Reed looking a little starstruck, it was easy to forget Ziggy Stardust and just enjoy what this new venue will focus on: the music. — Rebecca Milzoff