Friday, May 18, 2007

weekend previews in the NY Times...

LAURIE ANDERSON (Tonight) Ms. Anderson’s entrancing performances weave coolly surrealistic songs and reflective monologues with a witty, seamless dream logic. She unveils a new piece as part of David Bowie’s High Line Festival.

TALIB KWELI (Tonight) This socially conscious Brooklyn rapper, the former partner of Mos Def in the seminal ’90s group Black Star, is interested in much more than bling. With a hard-nosed, staccato style, he rhymes about ghetto entropy and geopolitics: “I wanna write the songs to right the wrongs.”

SECRET MACHINES (Tomorrow) The slowly unfolding, keyboard-driven compositions of Secret Machines have a stark, minimalist side; a glimmer of country; some pulsating; and a streak of Pink Floyd grandeur that swells to fill the room. There’s a haunted undercurrent amid the pomp. The band plays with the Bellmer Dolls and Dragons of Zynth as part of the High Line Festival.