Friday, June 8, 2007

mewithoutYou Want You To Bring Food

mewithoutYou Want You To Bring Food
Story by: Jessica Gentile

Philadelphia indie rockers mewithoutYou, who are set to headline a month-long tour, are inviting their audiences to dinner before their concerts. Two hours before doors open, the band is imploring fans to gather and engage in pre-show potlucks. People are encouraged to bring homemade food, which is preferred by the band to pre-made items. Not wanting to leave their less culinary-inclined fans out, mewithoutYou are also asking people to bring along board games and musical instruments. Nothing like a little pre-show Monopoly to get the party started.

Hello, and I hope you are well! for our upcoming tour we're bringing back the preshow potluck tailgate get-togethers. About two hours before the doors to the show open we'd like to invite you to come to the venue to eat and drink and talk and sing and and get to know each other. We can't feed everyone, so try to bring some food along.
some suggestions:

1. making something is preferred to buying a bag of chips (tho there's room for both...)
2. check your local dumpsters for ingredients (smaller supermarkets w/o trash compacters, bakery/pastry shops, fruit/vegetable stands, farmer's markets [ask for the bruised produce]),
3. consider dietary restrictions/preferences of others (vegetarians/vegans, kosher/halal, organic,locally grown, etc.)
4. come, with or without food
5. bring a board game, horseshoes, pinata, song, dance, prayer, instrument, juggling pins, unicycle...
6. bring your own plate/fork/cup to cut down on paper/plastic waste
7. if you have it in you, prepare some sort of presentation or discussion that we can give folks the option to attend. maybe some sort of hands on seminar (bicycle maintenance/repair, woodcarving, how to make your own clothes, etc), maybe a lesson (history, science, book report, etc), maybe a social or spiritual conversation (church&politics, economics, world religions...). I don't know, what do you think?
8. (sort of an aside) if possible, come to the show on your bike, public transportation, hitchiking, walking, or, if you have to drive, try to carpool.

More important than all this is to bring a gentle, loving heart, so don't pay too much mind to all the details. We aren't exactly hosting this (we'll be loading and soundchecking, in and out and sometimes too hectic to hang out a whole lot), but we're excited to see you and for whatever will come of this, to G-d be the glory amen!
mewithoutYou June 19 @ Highline Ballroom