Thursday, August 2, 2007

Black Dice / New Album / Pitchfork

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We took a chance on an email chat with Black Dice's Eric Copeland (not to be confused with this guy), and the odds worked out in our favor. Not only did we learn a bunch of details about the forthcoming Black Dice LP, but we also got the scoop on Copeland's first solo offering, Hermaphrodite, out August 14 on Paw Tracks.

First, Black Dice. The new LP, which follows up 2005's Broken Ear Record, arrives October 23, bearing the tasteful title Load Blown. It's technically a collection of 12"s with bonus cuts, and this one, as previously mentioned, comes courtesy of Paw Tracks rather than Black Dice's longtime home DFA. So why the switch?

"Our contract ended with DFA," explained Copeland, "and by that time a lot had changed for both them and us where the match wasn't quite as right as five years ago. So we parted amicably. Paw Tracks asked us and it has been a really easy experience, zero bullshit."
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Black Dice perform Nov 23 @ Highline Ballroom