Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The Tri State Area's #1 All Metal Bee Gees Tribute! photo set up here

UPDATE: more pics and review here

So as you guys may have heard (and if you haven't heard, you just haven't been paying enough attention), the Highline recently hosted its first night of tribute bands. As expected, it was truly a night for the record books. Between Guyz Night (whose self-stated mission is to "put the amp
back in anthem) and Queen Diamond (a mostly-girl King Diamond tribute made up of Paul Green School of Rock alumni), it was already a night of legend, but it was Tragedy - the tri-state area's #1 metal tribute to the Bee Gees - who dominated the night.

With their hard-rock, over-the-top approach to classics like "Stayin' Alive" and "More Than A Woman," the ladies and gentlemen of this disco-metal revolution whipped the crowd into a rabid frenzy with barely a shake of their glittery tambourines. They set the stage for Beatallica, who combined the music of Metallica and the Beatles for a single dose of rock'n'roll madness. If you weren't there, you lost out big time.