Friday, November 30, 2007

Clash Legend Mick Jones on His Crazy Fans, His New Album, and Why He Didn't Download ‘In Rainbows’

Really great interview with Mick Jones on New York magazine's culture vulture section.

Speaking of legends, what did you think of the Joe Strummer documentary?

Well, I thought I was good! No, that’s a joke. I thought it was like a really good three-part or traditional play, like a tragic-comedy: before, during and after. I thought it was one of Julien’s best films. I might have done it more like a stage show though. Like West Side Story.

Back to the new band: Do you worry that fans are going to come to your shows expecting to hear punk?
Oh no, I hope not. I hope that if they liked what Tony and I did in the past, hopefully they will be interested in what we’re doing now. It’s really different. We’re older guys. We’ve got lives and stuff. What we write about is how things affect our lives as we are now. We’re not trying to be like young guys prancing around like idiots.

How do you think your stage show has changed?
I don’t know. We dance, but we have the hurdles lower?

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