Wednesday, November 14, 2007

one last Dashboard recap...

From Chris Carrabba himself:
The second NYC show was held at The Highline Ballroom, whichis an intimate room with no barricade, no separation at all between the crowdand I. This crowd seemed to knowthe first records as well as they knew the latter ones and I was inspired byit, I must have added six or seven songs into the set that I hadn’t intended ondoing in reaction to the crowds enthusiasm. I could see the audience individually that night, whichalways makes for a more memorable show in my experience. I could see the last row, where Ispotted Chad Neptune from Further Seems Forever, as well as the folks in thefront row. I couldn’t help ribbingChad a bit over the fact that I had offered Further what would come to be thefirst batch of Dashboard songs, and at the time his response was something tothe effect of, “ Chris, I don’t think that people are going to like thesesongs”(Ha!!!) He is a good friend,and a good sport to take this retelling with a big grin.

After the show, well after it in fact, I finally left myfriends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a year, and met some of the people thatwaited to chat with me. One groupwere a female rugby team and their coach who looked like they needed some coatsto help them through the cold wait, and one girl who had made (yes MADE) me ascarf. I am grateful for thesegifts, but I need to remind you that I am happy to meet you and you don’t haveto bring me anything at all, but when you do, I really appreciate it, and whenyou have made them yourself I am very impressed.