Monday, June 2, 2008

Jon Langford interview / Village Voice

Jon Langford is likely best known as a founding member of the Mekons, the Leeds, England punk collective that just last year celebrated their 30th anniversary. But the Mekons are far from his only creative outlet—he's also a painter, alternative bon vivant, and involved in sundry other musical projects. Langford led the Three Johns into the early '90s and keeps current with the transformative Pine Valley Cosmonauts, as well as his own solo work, and the occasional guest appearance. But following a recent live release (Waco Express: Live & Kickin' at Schuba's Tavern), this week the effervescent Langford will lead his Waco Brothers into town, a rare roadtrip for the politically attuned Chicago alt-country band that once upon a time, formed for beer money.

Tell me something you've never done before in your life.
You know what? My son just yelled skydiving, so I'll say skydiving. That's probably something I never will do in my life either.

Yeah, me either. Tell me something that you've done once and one time only.
Thunder Mountain at Euro Disney, the only place in France you can go and not get a glass of wine. So I'm not doing that again either.

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