Friday, October 2, 2009

Talking With Meshell Ndegeocello / Village Voice

The Voice interviews Meshell:

You aurally illustrate your experiences with some interesting tempos, tones, and textures. "Slaughter" shows your extraordinary love for Sade, and tracks like "Tie One On" and "Lola" highlight a wide array of influences, from pop to rap.

The RZA is one of the greatest songwriters and programmers. I'm really into the Human League, and Trevor Horn is a genius in the way he constructs recordings. Sade is that $200 bottle of wine: You're not going to have that every night at dinner. She's a great song stylist; her writing and her voice are amazing. The older Yes records had these beautiful tapestries and guitars. That's what I tried to achieve in this particular recording: some sonic tapestries that people, even if they're not listening to the lyrics, could just feel or hear, or just have a deep, inner dialogue with

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tickets for her show Oct 6th available here.